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Be part of the movement! Alight Motion is the first professional motion design app bringing you professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing, and more!
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We need such a tool to make our video beautiful and correct its mistakes. Who can beautify our video as well as find flaws in our video with new and better ideas? And give us the best suggestions for improving our video and using which we can customize our video. Alight Motion MOD APK is best app.

Improve your video graphics and relationships. At the same time, we can add beautiful music or other different music effects to our video. And with all that in mind. We have come up with a solution for you. With your mobile phone, whether Android or iPhone, you can use this software on your computer or your MacBook; a great application is the Alight motion mod .

You can enjoy it as well as Agra. you can do excellent video editing, edit your beautiful pictures, and surprise your friends.

 And we will help you with that.

you from every stage and future

 It will allow you to use them correctly and edit your beautiful photos and videos in the best possible way with existing tools with the alight motion apk mod Application.

Alight Motion MOD APK Overview

The Alight motion mod app lets you edit your daily videos and photos and game-playing videos with beautiful animations. And nowadays, we have to make them attractive to post our pictures on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So that they become admirable and exciting. And if you also like to make videos and pictures like this, then you are in the right place. Here we will teach you complete editing on the latest Alight motion mod apk, and here you can create your various ads, etc.

Ho Alight Motion Mod app’s old version provides an incredible set of great professional development tools we can use as we wish. And we can improve our performance. With these different tools, we can edit our video or clips, and additional photos captured in everyday life and offer the service of a professional photo editor or a professional video editor to the people.

And there are many tools in the app that allow us to add photos or videos or a song from the gallery to our video. Or, if you want to delete a clip from your video, we can quickly delete the feature by selecting that part. And you can increase or decrease the playing speed of your video.

And you can make a beautiful video of your different pictures, but beautiful music of your choice on it, and set the strings of your video, and with it, you can customize the animation of clip change and so on. You can add energy when the clip is finished.

And you can write beautifully in your video. Whether written in English, they can be zoomed in or out to clarify any video part.

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Features of Alight motion

No watermark 

If you edit a video or image in Alight motion pro mod apk after you have edited it, if you have not purchased a subscription, you will see the watermark of Alight on top of your video or image.

If you download from our website, you will not have to pay subscription charges, and you can use it for free, and you will not have to see any advertisements on the alight motion mod apk download without a watermark.


This is an excellent feature for editing a video, in which we can select small parts of the video and edit them as we wish, such as speeding up or slowing down a part of a video.

 And so you can customize the selected part. in this way, we can fix all the flaws in the little clip. And we can create many frames in a video, with the help of which we can use different effects and animations.

Visual effect 

Visual effects refer to the future in which we customize our videos or photos. You can use music from your mobile gallery. Or there are a number of the impact in this app that match the performance of the clip with your video, i.e., the best sound of the work done in your pin, which will make your video excellent editing.

Vector graphics

Vector graphics refers to using video clips or photos in your video that are either 3D or 4D to make your video creative and beautiful.

Create animated video 

You can use this effect to create any custom animated video. Animated means a video that is included in video stories or various cartoon characters. And all such features are in this app easily. Get it on Google play.

Transaction effects

Transaction effect refers to effects that make your video even more beautiful. These effects are a combination of all the products that you can get by clicking on Auto Touch to get the best results that your video resolution and will enhance the beauty.

Blending modes 

In building mode, you can add different layers to your video or image, which you can customize into other parts and choose their size. The specific purpose of this effect is to enhance your video. Or can edit the image from the best to the best. It helps the user to edit in the best way.

Most attractive fonts

There are beautiful texts in this effect that you can use in your video, which will help you to design your video or translate your video, or you can use them in your video or image. You can send a message, which is a handy feature.

Export new clip

With this feature, you can use video clips or various beautiful designs in this app in your video or photo, which will make your video or photo look great and make your editing attractive and modern.

Video export quality of Alight motion mod apk

After adding your video, you can save it from MP4 to 1440pic to 4k resolution, which keeps on your mobile phone or the chip card in your mobile phone and save your video. The way to do it is effortless.

Share other platforms

After editing your videos or photos, you can easily share them on any other platform made on your mobile phone and download them to your phone in original quality from there, just like any video on YouTube. You can share a photo on Facebook and Instagram different platforms like this.

How to download Alight motion 2022?

  •  First, you have to click on the link on our side.
  •  After clicking on the link, it will ask you for permission.
  •  As you get permission Download will start as soon
  •  And it will be from your download folder

How to install Alight motion mod?

  •  You need to open your mobile phone’s storage to install the alight motion mod apk for ios.
  •  After opening your portable phone storage, you need to open the file manager.
  •  After opening the file manager, you must select the folder in which the download has been made.
  •  And you have to click on Allied IP and press the installation button
  • you ask permission for these new resources.
  •  You have to give permission
  •  After giving consent, it will be installed mod apk alight motion
  •  in your mobile phone
  •  And it will appear on the screen of your mobile phone
  •  And now you can use it

Frequently asked Questions

For all the questions that come to your mind after giving the details about this application, we have provided all the questions for you.

Q1- Alight motion Mod free or paid?

Ans: Alight motion modded version is free. You can download it on our website.

Q2- Can I use the Alight motion new version on Android?

Ans: yes you can use it on Android.

Q3- can I use the Alight motion apk? Is safe?

Ans: yes, you can use Alight motion safely and enjoy it.


If you are keen on designing pictures and videos. Then the alight motion 4k mod apk is the best app Alight Motion MOD APK to fulfill your hobby. This app offers beautiful animation composing war and video, photo editing, etc.

It has such tools, features, etc. Some make your video or photo perfect, and I hope you guys will like it a lot. You can visit our site to download more beautiful and action games like this, which are all over. The mode is reliable for using the app on your device.

What's new

Alight Motion 4.1.1

New Effects: Streak Strips, Page Curl, Luma Stamper
Minor account management improvements



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