Animal Restaurant Mod APK V9.10 (Unlimited money)

If you are fond of animation games, we bring the Animal Restaurant mod apk game. In which you have to build your restaurant and hire a cat. And you have to talk to the animals, and you talk to them by chatting with them. And can extend this work further.

You can hire animals and provide them with various services that can further expand your business and increase your chances of making money. Put different recipes in it and attract animals to your side, which includes throwing strawberries and various fruit throwing techniques and improving your furniture. And improve and get European-style services.

Improve your staff who run your restaurant. And get more services from them so that you can grow your business.

About Apk modAnimal restaurant

Animal restaurant mod apk is an animation game in which you have a cat. Which is only food but you can use it for your hotel, where you have to teach him kitchen chores, where she will prepare different things in the kitchen and serve them to her customers. In this game, you have to correct your fur nature.

You have to decorate the furniture to make your restaurant look better, and you will get more customers. provide the services of your staff to the customers. You can go to the table and chat with them. There are different tables in your restaurant, and different stories are playing on each table. You can participate by listening to their story. This way, you hear different stories, and you get new life.