Best Escape Games For Android Phones And Tablets

Escape games are similar to puzzle games because of the similar elements. In all escape games, you are locked in a cage or room, and you have to escape from that room for which you have to make an effort.

An excellent arcade series known as Can You Escape series is the most excellent series on the google play store. Basically, in escape games, you have to solve puzzles, search around and find a way to get yourself out of that cage and room etc. 

You are trapped at the limit of this room, from where you have to escape. Your friends can also join you. Usually, even in the presence of a timer, it is not possible for anyone to draw every scene in the room in words.

Solving the puzzles, investigating the way out of the room, and exploring places like the hills are all presented as a challenge to you. You can have fun by completing this challenge. So, now you can easily download escape games on your Android phones and tablets and enjoy them without any hassle.

Best Escape Games For Android & Tablets:

There are many, many best escaping games for android and tablets, but here we discuss some of them:

  1. The Room Series
  2. The House of Da Vinci
  3. Arctic Escape
  4. Great Escapes
  5. Cube Escape Series
  6. Monument Valley 1 & 2
  7. Prison Escape
  8. War Escape
  9. The Escapists 1 & 2
  10. Escape Candy Rooms

The Room Series

The most popular escape room game continues a series of puzzle games. This is one of the most popular escape games. You are clamped in a very beautiful room in which things have been done very finely. So, staying in this room, you have to solve all the puzzles, doll house, puzzle box, or any such game thrown at you in this room.

Your task is to escape from this game. In this, your mind level is also sharp. These hidden and complex puzzles are challenging for you to complete and demonstrate your strategy.

The House of Da Vinci

A wonderful escape room game is The House of Da Vinci. In this room, you enjoy excellent graphics, fun puzzles, and Da Vinci-themed rooms. The interior environment of this House is like a living room, with darkness, smooth movement.

The presence of small things that are often difficult to see. Shopping in this charming game is also possible without any transactions. This game is a bit more difficult than other games.

Arctic Escape

The free version comes with the first nine levels. You have to pay for the rest of it. The two games of the series are good too. Arctic Escape is one of the newest and newest escape games. In this, the player can escape after solving the puzzles.

Moreover, all this is necessary to continue the game. These series run under one theme. The game consists of many puzzles without any lines and simple mechanics.

Great Escapes

The presence of many rooms or hundreds of rooms makes arcade escape games long, but Great Escape is different from them in this respect. Players are permitted to use the glitch camera to take pictures of the room and the hundreds of beautiful objects in it.

Cube Escape Series

It is very difficult for you to escape from the closed prison situation you are in. You have to do all the hard work to escape from it. It is difficult for the player to find some very trivial and small items among the unlimited items in the rooms.

He has to concentrate his full attention. These escape games are also considered to be mostly free games. There is also a series of Rusty Lake, a set of premium puzzle games, which is present in the passes of Developers.

Monument Valley 1 & 2

The Monument Valley series is also one of the most famous puzzle games on the tablet. It is not simple for players to escape in this game because every level in this game is a test for you from which it is very important for you to get out. The endless twisting and flipping levels are no less of a challenge for you. Escape is hard-earned in this puzzle game.

Prison Escape

You have to take the help of Words Mobile to escape from prison. To free yourself from prison, you have to fight the gangsters and escape from them. Give respect to your friends, and take them away from these hooligans and nasty things.

You break out of jail by performing strategy and amazing stunts. For this, only your wisdom and tricks will come in handy. The number of installs of prison escapes has reached up to 10,000,000.

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War Escape

Your character is a prisoner in a bunker. You appear as a prisoner of war. You have been imprisoned in continental Europe, and you will have to escape from prison to come to the battlefield. This 15-position game also has stunning graphics, which make the eyes dazzle.

Moreover, it contains a series of innovative puzzles. The number of downloads of war escape has reached up to 1,000,000.

The Escapists 1 & 2

In escapists 1 & 2, you try to escape from the prison and not escape from the room like in other games. In this game, your role is that of a prisoner, which is related to the same mechanics in both these games. You have to prepare and collect items to escape from the prison.

Similarly, the second game also includes many activities. The name of the first game is the top genre in this game. You can download these two games on your Android phones or tablets and get unlimited joy and happiness from them.

Escape Candy Rooms

In this game, a long line of 18 rooms is presented in front of you. There are 5 candies. In this, you have to escape from each room. As soon as you complete a room, it will be closed. In moments of leisure, such games prove to be helpful in making people enjoy themselves a lot. 


I have mentioned above the 10 best and most amazing escape games for android and tablets. You can also visit the Google Play Store to get more fun escape games. I have found the games that are briefly outlined above to be among the best escape games.

In this list of games, we have discussed graphics, downloads, levels, and gameplay. You can now get your favorite escape game from our site here. Thank You!

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