How to Check Jazz Balance 2022 code

Do you want to know the code to How Check Jazz Balance in your SIM for free? Here we will provide full details to know how much balance is there in your Jazz SIM. People who forget their respective codes find it very difficult to balance their Sims.

Therefore, this article will also tell you how to apply. You can see the balance through the codes. Come on! We tell you that some codes are not free to use, and you have to pay some amount to check your balance. And there are some codes that tell you the balance in your SIM for free. Jazz Prepaid has defined different ways to check balance. Let’s discuss them.

My Opinion:

If we don’t have any information about the current balance in our Jazz SIM and we also don’t know How to Check Jazz Balance our SIM will have, then we have to dial some codes, etc., through which we can find out How much the current balance in SIM is?

Many times we forget these codes, and we need to check our balance immediately, and we don’t have someone to tell us to dial it. So in such a situation, we can also use Jazz World App. I personally also use the Jazz World app.

Through this app, we can easily check balance, SIM number, and packages and install new packages. Even the last date of the package will provide you with all the information.

Ways to Check Jazz Balance:

There are 3 ways to check the balance in your Jazz SIM, by using which you can check the balance in your SIM:

  • Check Jazz Balance Using the Phone’s Dialer 
  • Check Jazz Balance Using WhatsApp Self-Service
  • Check Jazz Balance Using Jazz World App

Jazz app you can Download from Google play

How to Check Jazz Balance 2022 code

Check Jazz Balance Using the Phone’s Dialer 

Follow the instructions below to check your Jazz SIM balance:

  • Dial *111# from your mobile phone dialer.
  • The jazz helpline is *111#.
  • By dialing the code, you can see the balance in your Jazz SIM on your device screen.

Check Jazz Balance Using WhatsApp Self-Service

For prepaid account holders, Jazz Company now provides an easy way to check their balance and package. Now users can easily do this through WhatsApp self-service. Instructions are provided below:

  • Dear users, open your WhatsApp.
  • After that, add this number (03003008000) to the directory.
  • Send a message of ‘Hi’ to the same number.
  • Then dial the number ‘4’, and tap on send.
  • As soon as you tap, you will see the balance in your SIM on your screen.

Check Jazz Balance Using Jazz World App

Smartphone users also have another option to check their balance. Because here, users have to check their balance using the Jazz World app:

  • Dear users, first, you will install the jazz world app on your device.
  • Open it and log in.
  • For this, you have to enter your jazz number in the field.
  • This way, you can see your balance on the screen of the app.
How to Check Jazz Balance 2022

Jazz Balance Share

Jazz also provides its users with another important feature that allows them to share balance with their friends. It is a simple service. It has art to staying connected with your loved ones.

So, the easiest way to share the balance is to enter *100*030xxxxxxxxx *amount # in your cheater’s dial-pad. You can share balances from Rs.15 to Rs.500. There is a tax on sharing the balance, which is 5.70 paisa.

How to Check Jazz Number?

To check your Jazz SIM number, dial *99# on your phone’s dialer, and your number will appear on your screen in the form +9230xxxxxxxx.

How to Check Jazz Package?

To check the Jazz package, smartphone users can log into the Jazz World app and view their package details. To check the remaining package and the status of the related package, dial *Related Package *2#.


If you study this article in detail, you will get all kinds of information in it, and you will get the answer to every question in your mind. Here you will get all kinds of guidance on which package installation, package expiry date, minutes, SMS, and MBs in the package, and how to How Jazz Balance in the SIM.

Furthermore, Balance Sharing, Helpline, and Jazz Number are all mentioned. Also, feel free to text us if you have any questions regarding this. For any Help you can visit website.Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can someone other than Android users benefit from the Jazz World app?

Yes, Apple users, apart from Android, can use this app.

Is customer service available 24 hours a day?

Yes, we can reach customer service 24/7.

Can we check the expiry date of our package?

Yes, but to check the expiry date, we also have to dial the codes. As to check the expiry date of the daily package, we can dial *303*1#.

How much are the balance check charges?

If you check your balance by dialing *111#, you will have to pay Rs 0.24 charges.

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