How to Remove Background in Canva

In today’s modern age everything can be done easily, as you can change your photos. Apart from this, you can easily remove the background in your photos. There are millions of online platforms these days.

So, now we come to how to remove backgrounds in canva too? So come on! Today we tell you how to remove background from canva and share your thoughts about it. Canva is an editing app that you can use on both Android and PC.

No Additional Software Required:

You can easily remove the background from any of your photos in just one click without using any expensive or cheap software. You can do all this without using tools. You can also keep the original image in its original brand colors, just edit what you want and leave everything else as it is.

For this you just remove the background and leave the image as it is and in the same colors. Moreover, you can enhance it and that enhancement is that you can add text on top of the image to make the image more prominent and stunning.

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Remove Background In Canva Step by Step:

You can take any image of your choice and use canva to remove its background, for this we are telling you very simple ways that you can be successful by following. Even if this image is png or jpg then you can do all this. Before doing all this you have to login to canva after installing it.

  • To open canva on a pc you have to open the website while in android you have to open canva app.
  • Dear users, after that you will upload the image you want to edit in the uploading dashboard of canva.
  • After selecting this image you will tap on the edit option. And you will see this edit option at the top.
  • When you tap on the Edit option to edit, you will see another option that says Remove Background.
  • After that you will see the option of Removal BG on the left click on it.
  • Dear users, now you will wait for some time. In 2 to 3 seconds you will get the desired image. That is, the background will be removed from the selected image.
How to Remove Background in Canva

By Using Restore Brushes & Erase:

  • You can use restore brushes and erase to remove the background of any image.
  • For this you have to first select BG Remover, after that you will tap on Ease or Restore brush.
  • Then you will use the brush to erase all the things that you want to remove from the image.
  • You can also adjust the size of the brush, so move the size slider to the right to make it bigger and to the left to make it smaller.
  • To change any image or remove its background from the end, you will select the option of Show original image.
  • Dear users, after that tap on is done.
  • Apply the changes and tap on Apply.

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How to Remove Video Background In Canva?

  • You will choose this video to edit the video.
  • After that go to the toolbar of the editor.
  • Tap on the Edit Video option.
  • Go to the side panel, and tap on Remover.
  • Remove background.
  • The action will be revealed shortly.


Dear users, in this content we have shown you how to remove background from canva and also what is the purpose of removal and also whether it will change the colors of the original images or not. . And that you can add text to it.

We have briefly explained all this in front of you step by step. We hope you understand that using Canva is not that difficult. Moreover, if you face any kind of problem while using canva, we are here for you, you can tell us anytime in the comment section. Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Canva ever say that it is unable to remove the background?

Yes, this happens when your file is larger than 5MB.

What files can Canva support?

Can use it for PNG and JPG files.

What is the real purpose of Canva?

Canva’s job is to make the background transparent.

What file type is selected in Canva Pro?

In Canva Pro we can only set PNG files.

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