World Top 10 Mobile Company Name List 2022

In this article, we have prepared a list of brands of 2022 of a part of our life called smartphones. It has revolutionized our lives. The preferences of its users are changing day by day. Now we will take you to the modern world of mobile brands.

Now there has been further development in the mobile world, which has reached 5G, on which up to 50% of the phones will be manufactured in 2022:

01. Samsung

02. Apple

03. Huawei

04. Oppo 

05. Realme

06. Vivo

07. Lenovo

08. Xiaomi

09. LG

10. Nokia


it’s miles a South Korean enterprise, and the chief in cellular smartphones is Samsung. It uses its R&D to decorate product talents. Samsung has expanded itself from mid-range mobile phones to high-end smartphones.

The reason for Samsung’s popularity is the Samsung Galaxy smartphone and its range. Its flagship products include Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Tizen OS is a Samsung smartphone alternative that Samsung has developed for Android smartphones.

It has partnered with audio companies, including Dolby and AKG, to provide quality sound to consumers. Its flagship of the year is Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung’s global market share is 20%. Samsung will be number one among the top mobile phone brands in 2022.

Samsung’s founder is Lee Byung-Chul, and Samsung’s worth is about $500 billion. About 394 million handsets are manufactured every year, of which about 321.2 million are sold.


Apple is the number one favorite brand of mobile phones today. This has made its mark in the world of the best iPhone. It was established in 1976. It is an exciting brand with high-quality features. He has always tried to maintain his standards.

Its founders are Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Apple’s latest and best model is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 217.72 million iPhones are produced annually, with annual sales of approximately 217+ million iPhones.


Established in 1987, the organization is based in China. Along with the development of the operating system, it is present in about 170 countries. Huawei is working with many companies as a partner for digital transformation.

Huawei’s most powerful smartphone was launched in 2018. Due to R&D, Huawei is considered one of the most innovative mobile brands globally. It is worth approximately $83.52 billion. Its founder Ren Zhengfei has 200 million units of annual production while $107.13 billion USD in its sales per year.


Founded in 2011, based in China. It has developed a wide range of phones. Oppo has made a name for itself due to marketing and branding. Oppo’s market share is around 10%.

Its net worth is about $1.5 billion, and its founder was Tony Chen. Oppo’s production per year is 29.8 million, and the sales per year are about 29 million units. Its best model is Oppo Find X3 Pro, and its price is around $999 USD.


Realme is a chinese language logo founded in 2018. Real me has the whole lot from smartwatches. It shipped units are around 48 million, while the market share is around 3%. Its price is up to $456 million.

Production is 65k units, and sales are $30 million USD. Its best model is called Realme GT Neo 2, and it is price is around $450 USD. Oppo’s organization is BBK Electronics.


A brand of software services known as Vivo is own by BBK Electronics. Vivo is one of the fastest-growing companies. Because this brand, which came in 2009, has created a global sensation. Its shipped units are 132 million, while the market share is around 10%. Vivo is worth around $21 billion.

Production is up to 50 million, and sales are 49.5 million units. The latest and greatest version of Vivo is the Vivo X70 Pro which is price at around $999USD.


Its subsidiary was formed in 2011. The brand country name of Lenovo is the United States. Lenovo specializes in Android phones, laptops, tablets, and watches. Lenovo introduced Motorola as a brand. Its shipping units are about 46 million, and its market share is about 3%. Motorola’s founders are Joseph and Paul, and its net worth is $37.37 billion.

About 15 million are produced every year, of which about 12 million are sold in a year. Its best model is razr, and its price is around $1,399 USD. Get it on Google play.


China is the brand country of Xiaomi, and its worth is up to $24.10 billion. Its founders are many, including Liu De, Lin Bin, Jun Feng and Zhou, etc. Xiaomi produces up to 206 million and sells up to 119 million phones. The best models of Xiaomi are Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro. whose prices are up to $899 USD.


LG is one of the high-quality mobile phones. It is include in the list of successful mobiles. Its position is also solid regarding Android mobile. LG’s net worth is $24.214 billion. The name of the founder of LG is Koo In-Hwoi. Its production is 5 million units, and sales are $5.23 billion. LG Wing 5 G is its best model, and the best model price is $800.


This global corporation was establish on May 12, 1865. The performance of Nokia has increased a lot because this brand is constantly striving for itself. He has also invented smartphones, including Nokia 220, Nokia 3.2, etc. Nokia is worth about $24.10 billion. Finland is its brand country.

It has 3 founders, including Leo Mechelin, Fredrik, and Eduard Polon. Production is 18 million units, and sales are 15 million units per year. Nokia 8.3 is its best model, which is priced at $700 USD.

My Opinion:

According to my opinion, you should read the entire content of this article once and increase your knowledge. After that, depending on your taste, you can choose the brand of mobile phone that you like and the features that suit your needs.

And those whose prices suit you, you can easily buy them, so take them without delay. Well, all the mobile companies are great, but I personally like Apple a lot. In the same way, you should choose the company which has more features in the smartphone. Try How To Download And Install An App Or Game From This Website

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which company’s mobile phone market share will be the highest in 2022?

Apple’s smartphone is going to be the best-selling smartphone in the market in 2022.

Which is the most popular phone in 2022?

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max( Apple)

Which is the most popular brand of phone?

The iPhone brand will be popular in the mobile world in 2022.


In this text, we’ve expressed our debate about the top 10 cell brands within the world in 2022. When you read this article, you will feel that your knowledge has really increased, and it will be beneficial for you.

You can buy any mobile phone according to your need and pocket. Moreover, if you have any questions related to this topic, you can ask us in the comment section. Thank You!

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