GTA SA Lite Apk Download 200MB (Latest Version) 2023

GTA SA Lite APK 2022 is built with unique features and a good theme that can be played even on low RAM mobiles.
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Suppose you are worried that you have a light mobile that cannot support big games. So we bring you today GTA SA Lite Mod Apk, which is a very awesome game. And it has a lite version which will support android mobile very well. The basic version of it is built to support larger mobiles. But the lite version was much needed for those who are small users.

For this, we can have a lot of fun in the lite version. We can use vehicles and songs and many things in which girls can be friends. In GTA San Andreas, we have to play as a gangster. In which we can roam freely in the city. And can go to different locations and use different vehicles etc. Can chat with people and eat different foods۔

GTA SA Apk Gameplay

The gameplay of GTA SA cheats straightforwardly. Made plain and simple because its original game has been made so heavy. She runs on a big mobile. But this version is designed for lite mobiles with less storage and RAM. Happens through which we have to play our role in the game as a gangster. It also involves the police who arrest the gangster.

He may commit various crimes. His mother and all his partners and childhood friends are killed. He completes various missions for which he takes the help of one of his seniors. In this, you first pick up vehicles and weapons to complete the mission quickly. If we follow the path shown on the map, we will succeed quickly.

We can go to the shops and buy different items if we want. You can change your clothes and cut your hair. In the GTA SA lite app, when we harm the public or steal their car etc. So the police come after us, who follow us. If we start running in front of them, many police cars will follow us. Even if we do not come under their control, they start to catch their helicopters.

We have to avoid them, if we escape from the police for a while, the police will stop chasing us, and we will be on our way to the mission again.

GTA SA lite Apk 2023

When it was designed, there weren’t many good things with fewer features. But the latest version of 2023 is built with unique features and a good theme that can be played even on low RAM mobiles.

Features GTA apk

The following features are there to make the game even better.


Each game has some missions made to make it easier. When we complete one mission, then we start the next mission. Thus the game is divided into parts. Its advantage is that we get interested in accomplishing the mission. And play for a long time.

 Meet your Girlfriend

In GTA SA cheater, we can make our girlfriends. It can be called cooking. In addition, it can go around seven times. And can be taken to clubs etc. at night.

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Maps for complete mission

A map is shown on our screen, making it easier for us to find our destination.


We can use legs and hands to fight in the GTA san Andreas apk, but for more fighting, we need weapons. Therefore, the game has many weapons, including chopsticks, knives, pistols, axes, and other weapons.

 Free Money

You need money to buy something in the GTA SA apk. We can get this by playing the game and collecting from people by killing them.

Sounds And Graphics

Some sounds have been added in the GTA SA Cleo apk to avoid boredom in the game. And there are other ways of driving vehicles. Apart from that, its graphics are excellent, which makes things look straightforward. Get it on Google play.

Play offline

You can play offline if you don’t have internet access. But playing with the internet is more fun.

Requirements of GTA Sa apk

If you play GTA SA definitive edition, then the level requirement will be requir. 

Ram 1 Gb 

storage 1.2 GB 

Processor 1.8 GHz dual-core

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Pros GTA sa rexdl

Designed for low RAM mobiles. 

Play without the internet. 

play to avoid boredom۔ 

Does not let the mobile hang۔


If you get a virus file by downloading it from another website, your device is at risk.

How to Download GTA SA lite apk latest version?

  • You have to open the app website to Download the GTA san Andreas mod
  •  It will show the download signup. 
  • Click on it. 
  • After a few seconds, file downloaded to your mobile phone.

How to install GTA SA apk?

  • Click on the downloaded file on your mobile or laptop۔
  • If it asks you for some setting permissions, allow them.
  • After some time, GTA SA cheats pc will be installed on your mobile
  • The show will be playing on the mobile screen. Open it and enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about GTA SA remaster include the following.

GTA SA lite androgamer is free or paid?

It is free if you Download GTA SA Cleo from the website.

 Can we use the Gta if a game is safe?

Yes, you can use Safe.

Can i downloadgta sa lite apk 12mb on Android?

Yes, GTA san Andreas lite apk is made for android phone

How many GB is san Andreas android?

2.1 GB storage use of San Andreas.

What is the size of GTA SA?

GTA SA the around size 1.5GB


GTA SA lite apk,this lite version is design so that users with mobiles can enjoy the same benefits as heavy mobile user. We have put many games website. If you like this kind of game, then you must visit our website. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section. Thanks!

What's new

For those currently progressing through the game, please load your game from a manual save slot instead of selecting “Resume”. This only needs to done once after updating. Afterwards, “Resume” will function normally.



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