Idle Heroes MOD APK V1.31.0 (Unlimited Money, VIP & Heros Unlocked)

Nicest fighting and action game. Idle Heroes Mod APK is one of the biggest fightings. Idle heroes' codes provide a good sense of battle.
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Nicest fighting and action game. Idle Heroes Mod APK is one of the biggest fightings. Idle hero’ codes provide a good sense of battle. The idle game Heroes is established on fighting with an organization with a sole robot. It’s just a genuinely incredible and leisure game to play with many different types of robots and weapons.

I love that they keep subtracting new things. Since I last played this game, there have been so many more awesome robots and weapons. No consequence of how big you have played this game, you’ll always expect to come back for more epic robots battles. Fantastic game all around.

It was very pay-to-win, but as you advance and put in the time, you see that you get a lot of things for free and progress faster when buying. But if you are willing to pay for a few neat things(not that expensive), it is entirely a perfect game.

Idle heroes mod APK Gameplay

The maps are stellar, even though I know them like the back of my hand. So far. You will be in a powerful clan with some good stuff, including Sheriff Demeter, Spirit Razdor, Devastator, and recently a Pantagruel. Playthrough and strong at are essential in this game. The only downside is the speed at which you progress credits and the prices alongside it too.

An entertainment game with a delicate learning curve as to resource management. Strategic gameplay where moves matter. And free-to-play have a likelihood, albeit a much-extended road, To reach higher leagues than those who drop money into it. Graphics are good, a seemingly active player footing, and several game modes with only a limited map, but I still find it fun and engaging.

Great game if you have time. It’s time-consuming when it comes to getting silver and gold. Always new robots and weapons. It gets enjoyable when you upgrade your robots and weapons around level 9. It gets difficult to pay for upgrades later on. But still, loads of fun to play—an incredible game with good weapons and great ideas.

There are great graphics. Relatively customizable for any play style you like to play. I love that about WR. Battle play is one of the best, and team play is my thing. I do wish there was a set of preset chats at the beginning of a battle to boost coordinate the team. This Crew that has kept this game running and evolving gets Props.

This game is steady with all the available robots, and the battling is smooth without lag. You can spend hours playing it until you are out of energy. This game is enormous, and you have to upgrade so much to progress.

Features of Idle Heroes Mod APK

Unlock all Heroes 

Idle heroevip cost delivers many features, one of which is unlimited heroes. You don’t have to pay to get heroes. Use the mode version of the idleroes tier list to get all Heroes for free. One more thing is that this app will not earn any money from you. It’s unrestricted of cost to use this idle hero Reddit Mod APP.

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Unlimited Money

The original version of the private server game provides only occasional money. You have to play the private server game to earn some money, and with that money, you can purchase heroes in the game. But with the mod APP, you will get unlimited money. With total funds, you can get anything in the game for unrestricted.


The original version of the idle game provides some ads. Some people don’t appreciate ads, and if you are one of them. Then download the mod version of the idle tier list 2022 game and be safe from all ads. Get it on Google play.

Unlimited VIP

The game idle heroes tier list 2022 has a VIP mode. You can get the VIP by spending money. So, use the mode version of the mod apk unlimited everything 2022 to get VIP mode accessible without any payment. The VIP mode of apk is much better than the simple version. 

Unlock everything

Use the Idle game mod to get all the features for free without any cost. That is the best thing in the mod version. That’s why most people use the mod version.

How to download and install idle heroes game mod?

Follow these steps to download the idle war legendary heroes mod apk. 

1 Go to the end of this article. 

2 You can get a download idle heroe mod apk button.

3 Click on it and download the game.

4 After attaining the downloading.

5 Click on the app and install it to give some permissions to the heroes apk mod.

Note “To use the mod version of idle hero apk mod game, delete the actual version.”


Q1- Is idle heroes modded apk battle game?

Yes, the fantastic hero factory idle tycoon mod apk. It provides the action and fighting. You can fight with a team of robots. The game’s sound and graphics give the best debate experience.

Q2- What type of this idle heroes game?

Idle hero are role-played games. You have to play the role with your nicest to upgrade your heroes. You must give your best in fights to win the mod apk idle match. Win the match to get rewards in-game.

Q3- What is the highest level of idle heroes game?

It provides 40 levels to upgrade your heroes. The last level of heroes is costly.

Q4- What is the experience of idle heroes game mod?

The game apk mod heroes game mod furnishes the best game experience with its best sounds, graphics, litigation, and disposition.


Good mechanics, a variety of weapons and bots for a newer game, and best of all. Upgrades on multiple items can happen simultaneously, so there is no waiting for one promotion to finish before starting another. So recommended game for everyone to enjoy the best field of the fight. Idle heroes mod apk game is an excellent game to spend time on.

What's new

1. New Feature:
[Idle Master] is available on all servers! Free your hands right now!
2. New Heroes:
Transcendence: The Sun Devourer - Eos
Fortress: Holmes Young
Transcendence: Star Alchemist - Holmes Young



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