Whatsapp blue plus v9.30 Download

If you want to chat with people on WhatsApp and set your privacy, today we have brought you WhatsApp blue plus apk where you can select your privacy. It’s a copy of Two WhatsApp. In which you can chat by setting your own. The features which are part of this handset are pretty sophisticated.

Each app has evolved, but developers have not added new features to the original version of WhatsApp, so WhatsApp plus blue has been designed separately. This app will eliminate all your worries. Blue Whatsapp If you talk about the mod version of WhatsApp, you will find many on the Internet. But WhatsApp Blue Plus has grown in popularity due to its features.

About Whatsapp Blue plus

Nowadays, everyone is using WhatsApp for their contacts. For example, WhatsApp blue has become a top-rated app for making video calls or chatting. But at the same time, the actual WhatsApp does not have the features in which we can hide our chats.

That’s why the developer has created WhatsApp Blue Plus. In which you can hide your chat. Also, if you want to set privacy above any number, you can select the number privacy alone. You can’t double-click the show. You can’t make it your last scene. You can’t use it to show status. And there are many features. That’s why they have worked hard on it and made its features.

In addition, if you want to change your theme, you can customize the number of fonts you can use. You can customize the ringtone to any number and set the ringtone of the number separately. Whatsapp plus blue download is also called Blue WhatsApp because its entire interface is blue; as you know, the original WhatsApp is in green.

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